Only 46 homes have filed claims w/ Citizens for the drywall claims which occured because of the shortage of normal drywall after the hurricanes Wilma and Katrina. Citizens has also tried to cancel a  few clients w/ the issue including someone from Punta Gorda, but they have rescinded the non renewal saying the damages are not that bad to cancel. These people have enough issues because when the Insurer of last resort wont take on a client then who will. It is bad enough that companies are non renewing people for exposure management, but when they are  cancelled for claim reasons it is very hard to find coverage and now that Citizens will raise rates up to 55% later this year, where will people turn to. Our new Governor Scott  and Legislator’s in Tall.  seem more concearned about the Health of the Insurance carriers and not the financial health of the consumer struggling to save their home and Insurance is just going to get too high. Please call the experts at L & S Insurance to get quotes for up to 15 carriers to find the best rates for home Insurance, Flood and  auto as well. Please read the full article below  from Julie Patel about Cinese drywall claims;,0,4326672.story