Not even a vote yesterday(1/25/11) on a whole day of debating, but we all know how this will work out. This will allow the Insurance companies to deny claims for Sinkholes unless the ground movement is a certain amount and will also allow Insurance companies to be deregulated on pricing issues.  This will also be discussed w/ the Citizens Insurance 55% rate increase under way already and what we have here is an Insurance mess and nightmare for all.  What we will see this year and next is extreme rate increases by all carriers before year end and the Insurance companies getting healthier, but what about the Florida consumer who cannot afford the insurance policies already.Remember that the Hurricane season predictions are already out and a  wild season again is expected, but we hope to be spared. Please call L & S Insurance to help w/ your problems her ein Florida and with our 16 carriers we represent we will find the best rate for you and let you know what needs to be done to do it correctly. In Tall. Our legislators and Governor discuss how much we can afford and yu should call your Representative and Senator as they need to hear from all of us. Please enjoy the full article;