To be on the board of Citizens, you should have experince on how to Govern it and that makes sense to me.However, the new Insurance refirm and deregulation bill going through the Florida Congress does not allow a vote if you can gain personally from the vote. How can you be in the business w/ experience to know what you are doing and not have a personal interest. The rate increase last year had 2  obstentions  because of this and the increase passed at the 10% rate.  This will be an issue as the first vote comes up next Monday to get passed the first hurdle. Leave it to The Florida Legislators to have issues like this while trying to fix a  huge problem. Anyway, we will know much more soon and before hurricane season starts so let’s all hope for the best and please contact us for quotes from our 16 carriers for Home Insurance in Florida. PLease enjoy the article from Julie patel and the Sun sentinal;