Not only is this a  28% increase, but this is on top of the 47% increase last year and the 14% loss of  discounts for all Home Insurance policies w/ State Farm. This means when all is said and done by the end of 2012, the rates would have increased nearly 100% in 2  years. This has all happened w/ our Legislators in Tall. who  are  now considering the bill for deregultion  w/ Governor Rick Scott which will allow Insurance compaies to charge what they want for premiums. I will admit that Sinkhole claims are a huge problem for all Insurance companies here in Florida and could need to become a Cat Type claim so the reinsurance carriers can pay that bill.Please read the full article on the State Farm Increase and what this means to you. PPlease contact L & S for all of your Insurance needs at our Blog   HomeInsurance