What does this mean to all of us while we wait for the Legislators in Tall.  to deregulate the entire Home Insurance  business and raise rates w/ Citizens Insurance 55%???  Although this article is about 2  Mobile Home carriers today, a Home Insurance company that wants to raise the rates can do so the first day they make a  decision in what is called Rate and File. The increase is filed and then the Office of Insurance regulation will determine w/ the CFO’s office if the rate increase is ok to approve. If it is, then it has already occured months earlier. If it is declined, then the company has to refund the increases it is expected to receive.By the time this happens, the deregulation bill  being discussed in Tall.will have passed and been signed into law and the increases can be decided by the company anyway. Wow, what are we Floridians in for w/ Home Insurance rates for 2011 and 2012!!!! Please read the article and be sure to contact L & S Insurance for all your Insurance needs.