A great article taken from the Mimai Herald. Everyone is always complaining about S. Florida and how we slap our necks at any car accident to collect, but sinkhole claims in Central Florida are out of sight!!!!  The average claim is and has been about 130K and the Insurance companies including Citizens  have just been paying too easily, but no more. When the Tallahassee Legislators are finished with this  new bill they have, that will all soon change. The public adjustors and many others including many lawyers are fighting to keep this the way it is, but that will not happen and the Fraud issues and investigations are now going to begin. What a mess for home  owner’s in Florida who now have to pay much higher premiums because of all these fraudulent claims. We can only hope for the best, but please call L & S Insurance for quotes for Home, Auto and Flood insurance to get the best rates available in Florida.