After much debate and several votes, the bill  will now go to the next level from the Legislative committee. People from all ove the State have gone to speak at these hearings and many of them have been turned away,WHY??? Who are the Legislators in Tall trying to help, the Homeowner’s who pay for the Home Insurance in Florida or the Insurance companies.You could ask Governor rick Scott about that and we know he wants to protect the Insurance carriers. Both have to be satisfied, but that is where this all  becomes very complicated. The bill will cover many issues about SinkHole  where State Farm has been very vocal, Premiums being deregulated, and how and when claims are paid and what the public adjustors can and can’t do. The amount of  lobbying for this is huge on a slow day and must be horrific when the debates get intense and homes are on the line as well as the Florida budget. Please read the full article from Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance quotes and Home Insurance is our specialty.