What is needed to cover the 20 Billion doallar shortfall if  a disaster strikes. People in Citizens Insurance could pay up to 6K/ year in surcharges if a shortfall comes and no one could pay it so what can they do. The only option is to begin to raise prices quickly so Citizens Insurance becomes again the insurer of last resort w/ the highest prices in Town. This will ensure that people who do not belong there do not purchase Citizens or want to stay there. This will also allow for the new deregulation  bill a chance to work and bring more carriers to Florida which is yet to be seen. The bottom line is that the cost of  Home insurance in Florida is going up and the Legislators in Tall. are going to make sure of it. This will keep the solvency of the carriers, but who will be able to afford it in this econonmy and how will this affect the Real Estate market in General.Please read the complete ARTICLE  below and  call L & S Insurance to get a quote to try and save money.