Senator Garrett Richter is leading the Republican charged  to get the Senate bill 2044 put through since last year it was debated, discussed and passed but veteod by then Governor Christ. GOP Governor Rick Scott is ready, willing and able to sign off on it, but awaits it’s passage.The theory is that the most expensive policy is one where the company is not solvent enough to pay the bills like Citizens and many carriers as well.Last year the OIR tried to get Insurance commissioner  Kevin McCarty on board as well as the issues of Sinkhole were already big . Now it seems the debate is worse because of all the Sinkhole claims and the Fraudulent claims by some Public Adjustors does not make this any easier.Most in Tall. feel that this should not have been vetoed last year and with a pending Hurricane season coming soon, there is a sense of urgency to make some major changes and quickly. This does mean higher prices for a  while at least so please call L & S Insurance to get the best quotes that are available. Please read the full article from the Tampa Bay on line commentary;