Senate Republican Alan  Hays and Republican State Rep Jim Boyd propose many changes in Citizens which include rate hikes at 25% /year instead of the 10% cap it now has. Also, to be able to go to Citizens, the rate must now be at least 15% cheaper than a regular company,but it could change to 25% which would make most homes  almost always ineligable. Homes that are over 500K  in coverage by 2016  and soon to be 750K all being non renewed so they can go to the private markets over the next 5  years as well. Lastly a big one would be that no public adjustors could get involved in Citizens Insurance claims. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a lot to handle and the public will be in an uproar. I do not yet know how the 25% rule will be enforced, but if they find a way, most will not be eligable for Citizens for 1  reason or another or would they want to be there. I also wonder what will happen to the agents of State Farm who can only write Citizens at this point in time? Thye will loose a lot of business to competitors and I do not believe the corporation State farm will be happy with this scenario in Florida. I also know the Public adjustors have a huge lobby and they will not be happy either, so this is far from done.This session will be a  big one in Tallahassee  for our Legislators and our Governor as well. Please read the following article by Julie Patel and please remember to contact us for quotes at L & S Insurance. We still reprsent about 15 carriers including Citizens to shop out all the best rates for your home.