This is not a good situation for Home Insurance in Florida as the Insurer’s all thought there were only a few counties that are Sinkhole problems and they are in the Tampa area. As far as public records go that is true, but there are more records that show far more than that and there is now a list of the top 10 in Florida.CDS Business mapping and it’s risk meter on line service have provided this info which will certainly affect Insurance in Florida.Since Sinkhole claims have tripled in the last 4  years and are now over 1.3 billion in claims paid so  rest assured this will have an impact. The OIR will have to approve the rate increases because of this and our Legislators in Tall. will certainly be discussing this issue w/  Governor Rick Scott and our new CFO as well. The property Insurance bill will have all of this info in it and will also affect Citizens Insurance and how they continue to do business. As if this is not enough, we are now only 9 weeks away from the new Hurricane season so beware!! Please call L & S Insurance for all your Insurance needs and please read the article on this in full below;