I have posted Blogs on this before and it is getting ever so close to passing the full House and Senate in Tallahassee. Write now it passed committee by party lines, but it will have no problem pasing the full Legislative body when asked. In Tall., money talks and Citizens Insurance is nearly broke and the state does not want to pick up the burden.Senator Alan Hays and Senator J.D. Alexander are among the Legislators trying to push this bill through to  Governor  Rick Scott who has promised to already sign quickly.The changes will be as follows;

20% state wide average increases which can mean up to 40% each year for the next several years at least. Switching to Citizens from another admitted carrier will be more dificult w/ 25% premium diferances and of couse less coverage for all this money you will be charged. This is supposed to tell people to get out of Citizens and get better coverage’s and prices elsewhere.The real problem comes in that every other carrier is also taking large rate hikes to make themselves more fiscally healthy as requested by the OIR , the Insurance commissioner and our new CFO Jeff Atwater  as well. The bottom line is rates are on the rise and who will be able to afford this new rate scenario in an economy like this. All of this just in time for the new Hurricane season only 2  months away!Please read the full article below and please call L & S Insurance to get the best quotes for Hoem Insurance , Auto and commercial as well;