With annual Home Insurance  price increases to try and become financially solvent, Governor  Rick Scott and  Senator Alan Hays are getting what they want for  Floridians that have Citizens Insurance. Higer prices,less coverage and people with higher limits of coverage ebing told over the next 3-5 years to go elsewhere. As if this was not enough they are also going to reduce the coverage’s in the policy and even tell public Adjustors they cannot file a lawsuit against Citizens so if you are not happy w/ a claim, you are stuck it seems!!!  Now this is showing how you are for the people????  This looks like the Governor and his new CFO are trying to tell people they should leave Florida or pay the premium! What a  joke as all carriers are also raising their rates and so most are struggling to afford the premiums they now have to pay. Please read the full article from Paige St. John and the Bradenton Herald. Please call L & S Insurance for all your Insurance needs;