With Millions of dollares in their hands(Insurance companies) should we have public knowledge to protect our selves here in Florida. Where does this money go as they all say they are having financial issues. This is one of the reasons for this  sweeping Home  Insurance reform bill is for  the Insurance comapnies get fiscally healthy and new Insurance companies are attracted to coming into or back to Florida. Our Republican Senate seems to feeel this is confidential info, but when they take millions out  to the MGA’s for profiteering and then pleade poverty, I for one have issues with it. As you read the article by Paige St. John about our Leislators in Tall and how they are trying to protect The big Business scenarios at the expense of the Florida Insurance consumer. Only Citizens Insurance is public and we all know they are in financial trouble and this is why rates will be jumping soon so be ready now for Hurricane season and call L & S Insurance for a Home Insurance or auto quote.