Here is an article from the current president of the FAIA who is trying to explain why Insurance rates are so high and how the system works. He also tries to explain why the Insurance bill in Tall.  about Citizens Inurance is so Important to pass and  make them the Insurance company of  last resort. All of the Legislator’s in Tall. are working diligently to try and fix the problem we have had since Governor Christ made Citizens a competitive company which should never have happened. The problem is that this did occur and fixing it will take years and increase  premiums for several years before we see some reprieve. The bigger problem is can   Real Estate  clients trying to buy homes in Florida  afford the Insurance that is now at 1% or more in  most cases which is thousands of dollars / home in S. Florida. Hurricane season is close and it is almost decision time in Tallahassee so prepare for the worst in the next few years and hope the dust settles in a better place this time around. Please call L & S Insurance for all your Insurance needs and quotes on this BLOG page;