3 major  Home Insurance bills affecting all  Home Insurance companies and especially Citizens Property Insurance could raise rates, reduce protection for Florida consumer’s and  reduce regulation on Insurance companies or possible all 3????  Last Year Governor Christ w/ then Congressman Atwater vetoed the bill and Senator Atwater applauded the veto because it protected the Florida Insurance consumer. This year it seems that Governor Rick Scott will not veto the bills and will protect  The Insurance companies this time so the consumer is left behind and  this does not sit well w/ many although it seems like it will pass and possibly all 3 areas will go through. This may work in the long run, if many large Insurance companies come back to the Florida marketplace  and if  they decide to compete for business which could drive rates down. Well, there are many what if’s here and this does not take into account Hurricane season which will be under way in 5  weeks  and what if another one Hurricane  to Florida or S. Florida which is worse. Please read the full article by the Miami Herald editorial division and remember to call L & S Insurance or ask for a quote on this Blog page;