The House Committee met in Washington and discussd many things including the nearly 18 billion dollar deficit they face and the conclusion can only be 1  thing. Rate increases are coming w/ Flood Insurance through FEMA. There have been so many natural disasters around the world and the US has had a lot of flooding around the country. When the full house meets on or before  5/27  the bill is expected to pass and could be come a law by 9/30 we hope as that is when  the Flood extension expires and something needs to be done. What this means for Homeowners here in Florida is that rates will likley increase 28% by next year. This on top of the highest prices for home owners Insurance in the country and you can see  why everyone is up in arms. All of this news is coming out just in time for this years Hurricane season which is expected to be a wild one. Please read the full article from Please call  L & S Insurance for all your Insurance needs on our Blog page.