Whoever wants to be in Citizens Insurance should read this first. Many have no chaice and many have choices that they do not take or do not know about?  How could this be you ask???  Well, Florida law states that the agent only needs to tell the client about the products they have to sell and not what may be available in the marketplace otherwise. An MD could go to jail for this, but not Insurance agents. When you consider that some agents only sell Citizens and therefore cannot give a client a true scenario of what options exist you can see that our system is questionable at best. As an example State Farm agents only sell State Farm products and Citizens Insurance in Florida. They can only quote Citizens by State Farm policy  and heaven forbid this company goes away as our new Governor Rick Scott seems to want to do, our Insurance industry would be  more of a disaster then it already is. Please read this article by Senator JD Alexander in a response to Paige St. John’s article on Citizens and please remember to contact L & S Insurance on thisBLOG page for all your Insurance quotes;