The Senate and House versions are still on differant pages and there is only 4  days left of this legislative session for things to happen. Now a rally by Lawyers and Public Adjustors trying to defend their businesses. As much as they do halp many people, many claims are fraudulent in nature and have caused Insurance companies hundreds of millions and this expense now must be passed on to all policyholders in the form of higher premiums. No one likes this or wants this, but Sink Hole Claims and Public Adjustor claims have hurt the Insurance Industry in Florida and this system needs repair. Hurricane season is in 4-5  weeks and this new bill when ready will definitely be affected by what happens during this season and what we really need  is a quiet season like last year, but that is not what is expected.Home Insurance, Citizens Insurance rates will and need to rise, but the real question is who can afford it and what will this do to the rReal Estate industry that is starting to show signs of recovery.Please read the full article by Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal and watch what is happening w/ all Legislators in Tallahassee are going through to make themselves a name. Please contact L & S Insurance for all your Insurance quotes and let’s seee where the dust settles by the end of this week.