Everything I have been blogging about is here except for the Increases In Citizens Insurance. That  was a seperate bill that is not yet passed by our Legislators in Tallahassee ,but is crucial for the success they want and expect. I personally have no idea how all of this will work if Citizens is only increasing at 10% statewide and everyone else is increasing at 30% or more. Citizens will be the cheapest by next year and everyone will go there no matter what? Is this what Governor Rick Scott really wanted. I thought he wanted to get rid of Citizens and he even is having it renamed to ” The Florida  Taxpayer Insurance association”. I guess he wants all Floridians insured by the State which is so opposite of what he campaigned for and was elected for. As for the rest, Public Adjustors will be looking for new jobs and claim payouts will be harder to collect on as well as Sink Hole definitions, coverages and prices are all up for grabs. It will take a while for all of this to sink in and everyone will now be looking for opportunities as usual.Everyone seems happy a bill was passed even the CFO and Insurance commissioner as well. They all applauded the bill being passed in both houses easily and ready to be signed by our Governor. In the meantime, please read the new bill and please call us at L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto and Flood quotes. Please remember that Hurricane season is just around the corner so be ready and shop early.