Senator Fasano  who was part of this bill is now saying this goes against The Governor’s promise to not raise taxes.This bill is a mess that was passed by our Legislator’s in Tall and it was rushed as well because they assumed this would be signed into Law quickly. Now come the delay’s and isn’t this what Governor Christ also did last year and then finally vetoed the bill. Nothing is really resolved w/ this until the Citizens Insurance Bill is passed and signed as well. Citizens Insurance must become the Insurer of last resort w/ the highest prices or everyone will be in Citizens by next year. The goal is to reduce Citizens into the private marketplace because Insurer’s will have rates they can live with and come back to Florida. Citizens is a bargain this year in many cases and it will continue to grow from the nearly 1.4 Million and not decrease like our Governor really wants.Everyone else has raised rates 30% or more in S. Florida, the people are upset and Citizens  has some of the  lowest rates for so many people it is no wonder thay are choosing it already.On top of all this Re-insurance and the Japan crisis are also going to affect Florida insurance issues as well. Hurricane season is now only 3 weeks away or less and based on what the world has seen of late we all need some luck for this season. please read the fulla rticle by Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal and please call L & S Insurance for all your Home, Auto, Flood, commercial and Life Insurance needs.