Please read from the St Pete Times and the Tampa paper as to why Home Insurance rates are on the rise. These are all things I have been talking about for many months now and reality for many is starting to kick in. Now w/ Hurricane season here and starting today we do not know what to expect. The 5 reasons are Natural Disasters around the world and the cost of reinsurance,The new Hurricane season model for a bad season, Friendly Regulators and Tallahassee Politicians who want the Insurance comapnies healthy w/ no concern for the people of Florida,Citizens Insurance rate hikes still to come and of course sink hole claims and public adjustor issues.There seems to be no hope in price reductions for at least a few years and there is so much that can go wrong it is only yet to be seen where the real errors will be. Please read the article below and remember to contact L & S Insurance for your Home, Auto, Flood, Business and commercial policies as well as Life Insurance.