This depends on who you ask and the answer is not really known. Many feel that Forida has given the insurance companies everything they want. They now have higher premiums and they can pass along rate hikes from re-insurer’s on top of  normal 15% rate hikes and they will now pay less on many claims including Sink Hole coverage and replacement cost may not get used by many. All this to make the Insurance carriers happy, but we still have a limited product w/ incredibly high prices and the consumer paying so much  more for Insurance and our Florida economy still sucks on a good day. We see signs of hope w/ Real Estate starting to move, but this is still a bad time for many and this can cause many to not buy a home or the  home they wanted. Some carriers need to step up to the plate and start offering policies to older homes or homes w/ older roofs because many of these people are stuck and f they already own the home, they are  not likely to be able to leave without issues because of property values. Please read this new article and see what you think. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Business, Flood, Commercial and life Insurance policies.