With a current 99% collection rate history this surchage system will guarantee that Florida will be able to handle Hurricane season w/ more than 1  storm if necessary.Governor Rick Scott seems to be in favor of this since he wants Citizens to be the last place people should be going for their insurance. Under new laws, no one can avaoid this surcharge once it has been imposed. The only question would be how long does everyone have to pay since many do not have the funds to pay all at once. The Governor wants Citizens to shrink in size and go away, but last month it grew by a net 40K policies  so obviously his theory is already not working. Working closely w/ clients for their Insurance needs, Home, Flood and Auto alike let’s me know that I believe this charge will definitly come, but we are not sure how bad it will be or what the reaction will be as it cannot be taken well. We do advise our clients of things like this, but even then some still want to go w/ current price even knowing it could bounce back  at them. Please read the full article and please call L & S for all your Insurance quotes.