Please read up on the inside opinion of the Property Insurance reform bill that just passed and wa signed by Governor Rick Scott  from the perspective of the Insurance association FAIA. It is clear that prices are going up and this seems to be necessary, but the Citizens Insurance bill never even made it to a vote so how will this impact the industry until it does come to a vote? Jeff  Grady is Very candid on several issues and the reading is good and worth it. This is all while we are in Hurricane season and Insurance carriers are still dropping People, Argus Insurance is still in the process of being shut down and Insurance markets are harder to find While Citizens Insurance seems to still be the company of choice by price at least.Let’s hope the Legislators in Tall. start to   realize that the Citizens bill needs to pass or a special assessment will be necessary to help keep people out of Citizen  where and when possible.Please call L & S for a free quoyte on Home, Auto, Commercial and Flood Insurance as wee and enjoy the article below;