Here is an Article by Julie Patel whose info I post very regularly, but this one misses the boat badly! Julie is w/ the Sun Sentinal and seems so concearned about How much Citizens made this past year and not ablout what they have when a claim comes. Citizens Insurance is the only company in Florida that does not have Re-Insurance which every company is required to carry. This means that when the money runs out the people of Florida  have to pay the bill. This is why people should be with a regular carrier and this is also why Citizens rates are so competitive as well. Every company will only only pay a deductable for all major Hurricane claims, but Citizens will use up all of it’s reserves and then it will fall on the tax payer’s to cover the bill. Why do we want that bill especially since this  State of Florida is almost bankrupt and cannot afford it’s teacher’s never mind a 20 billion dollar Hurricane like Wilma, Andrew and all of the other’s inbetween. Governor Christ put this system  in place to lower  rates in Florida and has nearly put the industry in the toilet. As much as I do not want these crazy rate Hikes the cost of re-Insurance is so Important and so stupid for our Now  Governor Rick Scott  to not fix this problem. If this is not fixed, the 1.4 million people in Citizens,which grows by 40K /month ,will bury the State when the next major Hurricane  hits this year or next.  This will  cause problems for us beyond our wildest dreams and not good ones. Home Insurance in Florida and Fort Lauderdale is a very complicated issue and cannot be looked at from just one angle and I am surprised that Julie Patel would write this article, which has accurate info, but does not discuss the topic of Re Insurance and that cannot  be left out when the discussion is out there. Please read Julie’s info and please call L & S INsurance for al of your HOme, Auto, Flood, Business and commercial and Life Insurance as well for Florida and Fort lauderdale.