Julie Patel writes a good article here about the rate hikes and more Importantly the Re Inspections that are causeing even more rate hikes and the money that is being spent by Citizens to guarantee they get the higher rates. This is making so much money for Citizens in the long therm they are in full swing to spend  nearly 15 Million  this year to inspect hundreds of Thousands of homes. The only good news from this is that when you receive a copy of this inspection we can use it to shop out other carriers(We have about 17 or so) for you and try to get better rates in some cases.The discounts being lost are the Roof to wall attatchments which many said single wrap and are now not qualifying as well as the Hurricane shutter credit which is now much harder to qualify for. This takes time to explain to people, but most are not patient enough to listen and learn and be educated on the subject, some just want to yell and blame someone, so I reccommend they call their Legislators in Tallahhassee and call them to complain on a regular basis. Most  feel this will go no where so they feel better yelling at agents like me to vent. Please read the article by Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal and see how Rates from Citizens Insurance are also on the rise in many ways and how this will affect Foridians and people from Fort Lauderdale. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood,Business and Commercial and Life Insurance quotes as well;