The Legilators in Tallahassee  could not pass the Citizens Bill this year so far and the rate hikes have been capped at 10% still, which is way below Industry average. At this rate, Citizens will be the cheapest policy around and everyone will want it so how does this get changed without pasing the bill?? The head of Citizens Mr. Malone and  Governor Rick Scott are in favor of these things, but it has not happened so now they will try to sell the Citizens book of business to the private sector. This sounds like a good idea except we have been doing this for a while w/ Depopulation which has been and is still on going for many years just at a much smaller level still today.The problem is that 3-5 years later they are all being dropped and have to go back to citizens for lack of available products. Citizens is still growing by 40K policies / month so something has to be done. Let’s see wht the lawmakers do in the coming weeks to try and resolve the problem and we go into Hurricane season lucky so far, but it is still mid July. Let’s see how this affects all Floridians, but S Florida and Fort Lauderdale area as well. Please read the article by Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance quotes for Home Insurance, Auto, Business and commercial and Life Insurance as well.