The Citizens board approved the 429% Sinkhole  increase 4-0 but wait there is more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Many Politicians are getting calls from their  rolls and now they are showing signs of temporary caring for all of us paying higher premiums. This will not affect Fort Lauderdale as much as the people in Tampa area, but we all have to help Citizens make up the 210 MIllion is Sinkhole losses. Senator Mike Fasano and Senator A Hays  among other lawmakers in Tallahassee are asking our Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty to hold public hearings on the issue. All of this will go on, but rest assured these increases are coming and soon so be ready. There are many concerns from people as to Banks requiring the coverage when it can be so unafordable, but that does not seem likely for other reasons like Catastrophic Ground Collapse coverage’s.All of this on top of the 10% increases  already scheduled and the looming surcharges and Citizens is a disaster on a good day and needs to be revamped. Good luck with that especially in the middle of hurricane season like we are, but anything is possible. Please contact  L & S Insurance for quotes on all Insurance products like Home Insurance, Auto, Business and commercial w/ Flood and even life and financial products. Please also enjoy the article   below w/ the full story;