CFO Jeff Atwater and Insurance Commissioner kevin McCarty have been addressing all of the committee  Legislators on this new proposed rate hikes and have asked for a slower implementation. The cost is so great for so many,and in Fort Lauderdale and S. Florida the increase is about 13-21% and the  cost will only be about $300 or $400/year. In The Tampa area the cost could be thousands where it is now hundreds!!  Who can afford this and how will this affect the mortgage business in Florida and Fort Lauderdale. We are in Hurricane season now and rates are already up and there is a Citizens Surcharge looming as well. There will be a rally on 8/16 led by Senator M. Fasano  for all wanting to lobby against the hike or how it will be implemented. And so the Insurance worries in Florida for Home Insurance and Hurricane coverages as well as  Flood and Auto are all up in the air as Tallahassee all try to fgure out the crunching of numbers. Please read the full story below  by Julie patel and the Sun Sentinal and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance needs;