We have the SinkHole issue going on w/ the 429%average rate hike which is huge for the Tampa area, but will not affect Fort lauderdale and S. Florida as much.Senator M. Fasano is having his rally today even though he has no real say in the matter, but he seems to want to be in the news. Senator Fasano is talking to Governor Rick Scott, Our CFO and the OIR to try to get the point across that our Florida economy cannot handle the  huge rate hike all at one time and it should be phased in! Now of course comes the  normal Citizens  rate increase which should be 25%, but State Law currently only allows a max 10% and this must also be deadly with as Homeowners struggle w/ all the new Insurance rate hikes and lack of Jobs in our Florida Economy. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance quotes including Auto, Commercial and business, Flood and Life Insurance as well.Please enjoy the article below from the Florida Insurance Journal;