They want to be independent, but they also want the big company name and now they want both! Allstate agents( Including all subsidiaries like Castle Key) want everything and  let’s see how far they go. I am an independent  agent and  L & S is my agency. I do not have the big company affiliation, my marketing expenses are mine and my decision only. No company advertises to call L & S Insurance in Fort lauderdale for a quote, I do all of that w/ my marketing efforts. Local Allstate agents do not have to do that as it is part of the Franchise fee they pay so why should they have both, I guess I would love both, but I have the hand I dealt my self and I  am pleased where we have come to this point. All the best to them, but I think they will soon realize that w/ Union dues and Union Strikes when the Union is not happy it  could hurt them as well.  Please be mindful of hurricane season now as we are in the peak  season and the storm activity will pick up. Please call L & S for all of your independent  Home, Auto, Flood, Business, Commercial and even Life Insurance.Please enjoy the article below;