It looks like Hurricane Irene will be the reason(s) the Insurance companies will use to raise rates again. Just the threat of a major cat 3-4 hurricane is proving that there is not enough money to  pay the bill if one hits the US again and we will all have to pay more.This is not fair to Floridians and especially S. Florida and Fort lauderdale as well. We have already paid the highest rates in the country for Home Insurance and it is keeping people away from Florida as the costs are so high compared to anyone else. With our New Governor Rick Scott and all of our Legislators in Tall. being the best friends the Insurance companies in Florida have ever seen and with all of the new Citizens rate hikes, this seems like it will just be inevitable as opposed to being possible.  I hope this does not make people move away from Florida or S. Florida and Fort lauderdale as we need people moving in and new jobs are tough to find as it is already. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance needs for Home, Car, Auto, Flood, business and Commercial and even Life Insurance as well. Please read the full article below and see what you think;