This article  given by Jeff Grady of the FAIA   about this topic is very timely. Since  Governor Rick Scott  just signed a Bill that will prevent some fraudulent claims that public adjustors  have been accused of is now  out in the public. Citizens Insurance will no longer allow Public Adjustors to submit claims first for clients to avaoid this issue and all companies should go this route to help the consumer.Here in Fort Lauderdale and all of Florida Public adjustors have hurt the Insurance industry and are a key element to all of the recent rate hikes. They say they get you more money and in some cases this is true, but when they take 20% of that money they are really getting for themselves. Since claims are paid and you can get most of this money on your own if you work w/ your agent, the need for a  Public adjustor is usually not necessary. With all of the sinkhole claims and many being Fraudulent, public adjustors should all be ashamed of  what has happened and they should correct and moniter their own industry. The message from Jeff grady is simply exhaust all options first before you hire one and please remember to call L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance needs like Home Insurance, Auto, Flood, business and commercial and Life Insurance as well. Please enjoy the article and we are always  here to help w/ your claim needs as well.