Sentor Mike Fasano brought 3 busloads of  people to show a sense of unity that the rate hike for sinkhole needs to be phased in over time instead of the 429% state wide averaged proposed.!!  The  Citizens board refers Senator Fasano  to the now passed and signed SB408 which Senator Fasano voted for because it was from his political party.Now the Senator does not like the repurcussions to the constituents from his territory which happens to be tampa and the biggest sinkhole issues in Florida.Fort lauderdale and S. Florida will not be affected as much for Sink Hole issues, but the rate hikes will be more severe here for other reasons. Rates need to be actuarily sound so they voted ,but  now he is singing the blues! I guess he simply does not understand Insurance and his Governor Rick Scott  seems to think this situation is ok. The outrage from all when the January bills are  received in Mid to late November will be heard even more than now and then what???  Where are all the  carriers our Governor talked about. I see State Farm prices going up 200-300% in some cases where clients call us to shop for them. This situation is bad and getting worse so please read the article and let us know at L & S Insurance if we can help you shop for Home, Auto, Flood, Business and Commercial and Life Insurance policies. Please read the full article below;