In this article by Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal  if your insurance company has been liquidated which 8 have since 2006 then claims will be slower in coming. There is more red tape to deal with and the money has to come from somewhere and the FIGA fund is not liquid itself!! Hurrricane season does not make this any easier either. There are still lot’s of unresolved claims in Fort lauderdale and all of Florida  because new adjustors get assigned and they are looking out for the state and not the consumer. Please stay in touch w/ your agent and GC as well. Only use a public adjustor if truly  needed since they take so much from the claim and the new bill signed by Governor Christ will make many of those adjustors leave the business as many of them are quite unethicle. Another carrier Home Wise Insurance has lost the A rating and I expect them to go under next year. We will contact our clients as best as we can to start to offer new policies to them now, but many will have to wait till the State makes i’s move in the spring of 2012. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, business and commercial and Life Insurance as well and please enjoy the article below;,0,676166.story