Our Government once again cannot make an easy decision!! This is quite simple, the Flood program needs to raise rates and it needs to be extended for 5 yers or more. Because once again party lines have come into play, there will likely be an extension till November 18! This will give them time to determine if a more complete overhaul is needed or not. They will not be able to decide by then so hopefully we will get the 5 year deal in November.Fort Lauderdale and all of Florida will all be affected, but we do not know how much, however 15-20% increases seem likely. Till then, the vote for the extension is set for Wed. 9/21 since the deadline is 9/30 for the flood program to be no good. What a nightmare of a scenario on a situation that is quite clear and easy for Legislators to see. The Flood program needs more money and if you cannot get more people to be in the program then you must raise rates! Please read the full article below and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Auto, Home, Flood, Business and Commercial Coverage and Life Insurance as well;