This was not as bad as was thought and should have been much higher, but somehow the rates only increased 6-10% for 1/1/2012. This will be on top of the Sinkhole Inscrease which will not affect Fort Lauderdale and S. Florida as badly as other areas like Tampa. The requested rate hike was for more than 20% and the rates are supposed to now be actuarily sound which will not happen w/ this increase so who knows what is to come. There is still the surcharge which could be up to 45% so may be this is what they will do, but our Governor wanted the bigger rate hikes and Senator Fasano seems to have won with increases that will come over time.Please read both article’s  by Julie Patel from the Florida Sun Sentinal and see how this could affect you soon. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Auto, Home, business and Commercial coverage and Life Insurance as well: