In a good article by Julie Patel  of the Sun Sentinal she explains the 2  sides of the story. State Farm sold the state Legislators a bill of goods that this would help the 125K people they dropped 2 years ago froma  double whammy with a rate hike as well on the auto. By allowing the 5% auto discount when a client chooses Citizens they only get the home Increase. Well, this has been very good for State Farm agents who push the clients into Citizens which has now hit 1.5 million policy holder’s and the State Farm agents for both policies. All other agents like us here at L & S Insurance can’t offer this so we are at a distinct disadvantage. This is not good for Citizens or the state as the company is still growing by 1000 policies/ day now and this is against what the State of Florida wants. The Citizens board will now review this law and see if it can be overturned. Now perhaps more people will shop for Home Insurance rates and Car Insurance as well. This is good for the consumer’s to go shoppping and find a better company to be with. This will really be an interesting event for Fort lauderdale State Farm clients as the rates are going up anyway and when this hits the State Farm agents will have to deal with this issue like all of the Independent agents have to deal with as well. Please read the full article below and please call L & S for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Businesss and commercial policies as well as life Insurance too.,0,6603066.story