The Citizens Insurance Board of Governor’s in Tallahassee Florida  is trying hard to tell you good bye. Since the rate hikes can’t be increased fast enough many coverage’s will now be excluded from the policies and the coverage will either not be available or you will add it to the premium. No premium reductions will come from this ojn the base policy  only increases in premiums if you want to stay w/ Citizens and buy back the coverage’s lost,or you can try again to reshop for e new policy w/ another carrier if it is available. L & S Insurance is pleased to tell you that since we represent 14 Home Insurance carriers of which 9 are now writing business w/ our agency, but not necessarily  all agencies,so  we may be able to help you when your agent can’t.Our Clients in Fort lauderdale and all over Florida will be able to shop and get the best rates available to try and compete now w/ Citizens and the new attitude of “Get that coverge elsewhere.”  Please read the Article by Julie Patel of the Fort Laderdale Sun Sentinal  and see all the changes and   new possible costs on top of the rate hike for 2012.,0,5188965.story