Will it shrink or will it grow now!!!!!  Not a bad song, but Governor Rick Scott wants it to shrink and bigtime. The Citizens committee will be discussing ways to make this happen and the deadline is for 11/30/2011 so the Board of Ctizens can move on the recomendations of the committee. The Gvernor wants the plan in full motion before hurricane season starts in June 2012. The options are raise rates much more, reduce coverage’s, but do not reduce the price,raise all of the coverage’s on the building to increase premiums, continue to do new Mitigation inspections to remove doscounts from policy holder’s and of course the Florida surcharge which could be up to 45% of the preium they are paying.All of these are likely to happen in many parts of florida especially Fort lauderdale and S. Florida.  For all of you in Citizens, try to go now while you can as if that surcharge hit’s then it will follow you to a new carrier and that will be complicated at best. Please read the story by Julie Patel of the Fort Luderdale Sun Sentinal and please call L & S Insurance to try and get you out of Citizens now, why wait. We do all  types of Insurance including, Home, Auto, boat, flood, Business and Commercial and even life Insurance coverage.