After reading this, you would never want to be with Citizens Insurance in Fort lauderdale or anywhere in Florida as they treat customer’s terribly and have no reason to resolve cases in the best interest of anyone but Citizens. They have no one to prove anything to as they don’t want your business and if you went elsewhere they are ok w/ that. Only price brings people to Citizens and then they have to deal w/ things like this, but they never listen when we advise clients that  things like this are real and this is not what they will want to deal with when claims occur. Tampa Bay on line wrote this great article about Citizens and how you cannot even sue Citizens if you are unhappy w/ claims and Public adjustors no longer have an interest in dealing w/ them as the rates they can collect are maxed out at 10% now. Wouldn’t you want to be w/ a carrier that cares and is trying to keep your business in this terrible environment we have here in Fort  Lauderdale, S. Florida and all of Florida. Governor Rick Scott is telling everyone to get out of Citizens and this is just another reason why the idea is a good one if you can. Please read the entire article  by Doug Smith the Fox reporter w/ the story. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your home, Auto, Business and Commercial, Flood and even Life Insurance as well.