December 2011

Citizens is very busy re-inspectiong thousands of homes just to take away discounts they once gave. This is being done because the questions are differant and can cause you to loose discounts. The weird thing is that  the Inspections will change in Feb 2012 again and most people could get back some of those discounts, but people will have to pay for that inspection when they are ready to try. In the meantime, the average increase we see here in Fort lauderdale and S. Florida is about $1000 and that does not include the 10% rate hike.  Citizens will continue this process as it will spend about 40 million doing the inspections, but they will make about 100 Million every year with the discounts being taken away. What a business, this is what I want when I grow up!!!  In any event, please read the article By Julie Patel of the Fort Laudedale Sun Sentinal and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance needs like, Home, auto, Business and Commercial, Flood and even Life Insurance.

FSU and it’s short term management study did a revview of  Citizens Insurance.This will be given to Lawmaker’s in Tall. as the new Legislative session begins and it says what we have known for a long time. Julie Patel of the Forrt Lauderdale Sun Sentinal follows this story and reports on it below. The findings are simple. Raise Rates substantially,provide less coverage, Raise  the rates on the Florida Cat Fund,forget affordability and make them fair, stop giving the house away w/ discounts and more. Please read the full article below and see what you think. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your quotes for Home, Auto, Business and Commercial, Flood and even Life Insurance.

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No surprises here.Citizens does not want 1/2 of it’s population in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in Florida, so they  will now try to get you to move your policy.This is what Governor Rick Scott wants and it is starting to happen. We have already discussed all the things they will do and try to do legislatively still later in 2012 and beyond. Coverage’s will be reduced or taken away and the prices will continue to increase. The surcharge(up to 45%) is still looming  and could be imposed at anytime. Now you will have to sign something that says you are aware of this. Please read the full article or see  some past posts with all of the details. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and even Life Insurance quotes.

Here we are  still awaiting a  5 year bill and here we are still pasing extensions because this bill has been mixed into other bills w/ no referance and our Legislators in the Nations  Capital are too foolish to pass something as simple as this.  There are 4 scenarios for Friday afternoon. 1-Legislative reform(Not likely) 2- a short term bill till 9/30/ 2012(Possible)  3- another 6 weeks and then likely no real answer still(Most likely) and 4- the bill is turned down and no one can buy Flood Insurance(Through FEMA) or close on a new home(the idiots could do this, but still unlikely). For all of us in Fort Lauderdale and all of Florida, we hope for the best, but we will know by the weekend. Please enjoy the article from  the Independant Agent Magazine and please call L & S INsurance for all of your Auto, Home Flood(Maybe), Business & Commercial and even Life Insurance coverage’s.

Julie Patel  of the Fort Lauderdale sun Sentinal writes this article and I am sure it will pass and then we will see who stillwants to be in Citizens in 2012 and beyond. Please read this and watch for the follow up tomorrow. Please remember to call L & S for all of your Home, Auto, Business & Commercial, Flood and even Life Insurance quotes.

GeoVera is the company that wants 50K policies and it looks like if they meet certain guidelines by the State of Florida this will happen. 50K is not enough, but that will open the door for mare carriers to do the same. The protection does not come from the State of Florida and people will not have a choice to go back to Citizens either.The prices may even be higher, but Citizens does not seem to care so this could happen soon. This would be another Non legislative way for Citizens to get rid of clients as fast as they can. Legislators will never vote to do what  is needed because they want to get re-elected and they  are very shortsighted, but I am with the Governor on this one. Anything to make Citizens a non competitive company w/ prices and coverage’s that are not something anyone would want unless they truly have no options. Please enjoy the entire article and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and even LIfe Insurance policies for Fort Lauderdal and all of Florida.

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