Here we are  still awaiting a  5 year bill and here we are still pasing extensions because this bill has been mixed into other bills w/ no referance and our Legislators in the Nations  Capital are too foolish to pass something as simple as this.  There are 4 scenarios for Friday afternoon. 1-Legislative reform(Not likely) 2- a short term bill till 9/30/ 2012(Possible)  3- another 6 weeks and then likely no real answer still(Most likely) and 4- the bill is turned down and no one can buy Flood Insurance(Through FEMA) or close on a new home(the idiots could do this, but still unlikely). For all of us in Fort Lauderdale and all of Florida, we hope for the best, but we will know by the weekend. Please enjoy the article from  the Independant Agent Magazine and please call L & S INsurance for all of your Auto, Home Flood(Maybe), Business & Commercial and even Life Insurance coverage’s.