Citizens is very busy re-inspectiong thousands of homes just to take away discounts they once gave. This is being done because the questions are differant and can cause you to loose discounts. The weird thing is that  the Inspections will change in Feb 2012 again and most people could get back some of those discounts, but people will have to pay for that inspection when they are ready to try. In the meantime, the average increase we see here in Fort lauderdale and S. Florida is about $1000 and that does not include the 10% rate hike.  Citizens will continue this process as it will spend about 40 million doing the inspections, but they will make about 100 Million every year with the discounts being taken away. What a business, this is what I want when I grow up!!!  In any event, please read the article By Julie Patel of the Fort Laudedale Sun Sentinal and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance needs like, Home, auto, Business and Commercial, Flood and even Life Insurance.