January 2012

In a good article by Julie Patel of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal, the bill that is now in the Senate version is also being slammed by the CAN.They say that a Primary MD is excluded from the bill which puts the onus on the  ER Md’s and going to the ER is already crazy and takes hours. This could also shift the cost of care from the Autopolicy to the Health Insurance policy which will benefit the Auto  Insurance carriers and their profits.This will be interesting to see the final bill if the Legislators in Tallahassee can actually agree on doing something this session. PIP Fraud is real and is a huge problem, but Tallahassee and the Insurance commissioner have dodged this bullet for many years. Governor Rick Scott wants change and I think we all agree that change is a must, so we shall see. Please read both articles below and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and even Life Insurance policies.




The House version was not well liked by many as 72 hours to report a claim was cutting it close. The Senate version seems to be a better version and more likely to pass. Our Florida Legislators in Tall. are busy doing some Insurance bills even if they avoid the citizens Insurance bill which they know would confirm a huge rate hike being necessary, but this is not a good year for it because of elections.If big change is not made Car Insurance rates will be on the rise as well  significantly for the next 3 years or more. PIP Fraud is running rampant w/ more claims then people that visit clinics and more victims in an accident because the police report(If any) does not say how many were in the car. All this and more to come soon,so enjoy the article and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home,Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and even life Insurance quotes.


How do you like being w/ an Insurer who says go away, I do not want you anymore. This is like a bad Girlfriend and will hurt. My prior posts will explain what Citizens is trying to do until Legislative change occurs in 2012. By order of  Governor Rick Scott and CFO Jeff Atwater, Citizens is doing everything they can to make your experience a bad one and to raise prices as well and any way they can including new Mitigation  Inspections to raise additional premiums. Private Insurer’s need to come back to the marketplace and depopulations will need to get back into high gear to make this happen. Citizens has nearly 1.5 Million policy holders and they want this reduced by 50% or more soon. Hurricane season is just around the corner so the activity is hot and heavy while the Legislators in Tallahassee & are in session to make this happen and quickly. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and even Life Insurance coverage.


Senator Garrett Richter(R) and Senator Mike  Fasano(R) in Tallahassee want to depopulate Citizens Home Insurance  no matter who will suffer. I am personally not opposed to this bill, but people who get taken out will not have the same protection as they would in Citzens. If they would simply vote as they should to raise Citizens rates to what they should be, this would not be necessary. With propor rates, many would leave Citizens   to get better rates w/ Private insurer’s  who are quite often higher than Citizens, especially in Fort Lauderdale. Voting to raise rates is not politicalkly correct to get re-elected so this is a  way out till more problems occur. Please  read the article by” The Current” political paper and please remember to call  L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance quotes for Home, Auto, Flood, Business and Commercial, and  even Life Insurance.


This is just the begginnig of what will happen to people of Fort. Lauderdale and all over Florida who need and rely on that coverage. If it is available anywhere, the price is likely to be higher for sure. We will do our best to keep you informed and find the best coverage’s for you. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and Life Insurance as well. Enjoy the article form the Fort Laudedale sun Sentinal;


Good news for Auto Insurance rates by next year, but it needs to pas to clean up the mess we have.Please read the article in the Fort Laud. Sun Sentianl.Let’s hope the Lawmakers in Tall. do not take the money from the Lawyers who will try to say the system is fine.That means bribes to the campaign funds. Please call L & S Insurance for Auto, Home, Flood, Business & Commercial and even Life Insurance.



How about 19K for massage Tharapy, only 17 clients in and Hundreds reported and actually filed against Insurance companies, owners of these clinics never there ect….No wonder Car Insurance rates are on the rise in Dade, Fort Lauderdale and all over Florida  and our system needs to be revamped. These companies pretending to be lawyers, but are only a referral service because Lawyers are not allowed to advertise and that is the real twist?? In any event, please read the full article below  and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and even Life Insurance quotes.


According to Rep (R) Frank Artiles Citzens is speng to much money fighting claims  and then paying anyway. There are 2 thoughts on this? Pay all claims w/ no fight and everyone knows they can collect more or fight claims you feel should not get paid. Julie Patel of the Fort lauderdale Sun Sentinal cover’s this issue pretty well with no real answers only more questions. The real solution is to make Citizens Go away and let the private sector insure the homes, but we still have many areas that private companies will not accept.Older homes, homes East of I-95 in S. Florida and homes owned as rentals are all eamples of hard to palce policies. Please read the article and see how dificult the situation is getting w/ Citizens and how change is needed. Lawyers(Lawmkaer’s) like Frank Artiles(R) need to deal w/ the real problem and stop worrying about how Insurance companies should defend themselves from Frivoulous claims. Please enjoy the article and call L & S for all of your Home, Auto, Business & Commercial,Flood Insurance w/ FEMA and even Life Insurance as well.


The following article by Julie Patel of the Fort Laud. Sun Sentinal  let’s you know who and how many policies they have sold. Obviously, you can see why there is such a problem w/ Citizens Insurance. It is this information w/ other info that tells the Legislators in Tallahasseee and Governor Rick Scott that Citizens must shrink still.The way to shrink is the real issue.  The good news is that L & S represents most of these carriers and can help you get the most competitive quotes for your home. Please also call L & S for Auto, Flood, Business and Commercial coverage as well as Life Insurance too.