Senator Garrett Richter(R) and Senator Mike  Fasano(R) in Tallahassee want to depopulate Citizens Home Insurance  no matter who will suffer. I am personally not opposed to this bill, but people who get taken out will not have the same protection as they would in Citzens. If they would simply vote as they should to raise Citizens rates to what they should be, this would not be necessary. With propor rates, many would leave Citizens   to get better rates w/ Private insurer’s  who are quite often higher than Citizens, especially in Fort Lauderdale. Voting to raise rates is not politicalkly correct to get re-elected so this is a  way out till more problems occur. Please  read the article by” The Current” political paper and please remember to call  L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance quotes for Home, Auto, Flood, Business and Commercial, and  even Life Insurance.