I have talked about this for quite some time and now a  lawsuit is looking to become a class action suit. I think this is just for the Lawyers because any Insurance company can inspect a home any time they want as long as they call in advance and set it up. I know the Inspection companies work for  Citizens Insurance and they are on the lazy side when it comes to doing the corrct job, but the real issue is with the departmant that  keeps changing the Mitigation Inspection forms we all use. These forms are always said to be good for 5 years, but they are changed every 2 years and most recently again  on 2/1/2012.The forms are drafted at the Office of Insurance Regulation(OIR) or w/ the Insurance commissioner’s office and the Insurance companies simply start to require the new form that was created. They are within their rights to do so and anyone would do it if they could make more money in business. Citizens cannot become the Insurer of last resort again as Governor Rick Scott wants, if the rates are the lowest in the Industry. Every carrier is now doing their own inspections of one type or another and they are following the laws for our State. The lawsuit should be against the State for totally screwing up the entire Insurance industry because they do not know how to fix it.Oh I forgot, you cannot sue them as they are above the Law, why is that. Please read the full article by Paul Owers & Julie Patel of the Fort lauderdale Sun Sentinal.Please call L & S Insurance(888-244-7400) for all of your Home, Auto, Business & Commercial, Flood, and even Life Insurance.