The fight will now get hot and heavy next week as Governor Rick Scott and other’s favor the house version and many Senators even from the same party do not. I personally like the House version better, but having all accident victims forced to go to the hospital for treatment is not likely and the ER’s would be a disaster as well. At least 1 billion in premium is at steak if nothing is done and Floridians can not afford more. PIP coverage in Fort Lauderdale is already very expensive and it will get much worse and very quickly if no bill is passed. Let’s see if the Legislators in Tallahassee  decide to do something instead of the usual “put it off and decide next near attitude” they have had for many years??? Please call  L & S Insurance (888-244-7400) for quotes or info  for Car, Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial coverage as well as Life Insurance. Our partner’s at First State Insurance will help w/ the auto and commercial quotes.