16 people, 250 million dollars, and a massage parlor all involved in Insurance Fraud. Now do you think the Legislators in Tall. did nothing this past session. The new bill signed by Governor Scott will do little about Fraud, it may cut down on Massages for Car Injuries, but not much else. The Governor should have forced a special session for real reform instaead of the bill that will  do little to really help.This bust is just showing us that so much Fraud is out there and they have no knowledge on  how to control it so it will continue w/ differant methods until the Lawmakers decide the time is really here. Please enjoy the full article below from our Friends at First State Insurance and the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal. Please call L & S at 1-888-244-7400 and ask us for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and even Life Insurance quotes.